Class Rules

Class Rules

Riverfront Jiu Jitsu Class Rules

1. Sign in – Please sign in for the class you are attending on the IPad. Attendance plays a part in your progress and belt promotions

2. No shoes on the mat – We do not want to risk transferring any bacteria onto our clean mats.

3. Keep all gym gear on the shelves – The seating area should be clear of all bags and shoes. 

4. If you have a rash or skin infection, please do not come to class – These types of infection are easily transferred and highly contagious. Seek treatment early and return only once the rash/infection is fully healed. Please note, ringworm, jock itch and athletes foot are all from the same bacteria. None of these infections are safe for class. 

5. Keep your gear clean and nails cut – Gi’s are wear once wash once. Please be courteous to your fellow students and maintain clean gym gear and nails trimmed. We do not want to risk any bacteria or possible infections. 

6. Bow upon entering and leaving the mat – This show respect for the sport and art of jiu jitsu.  

7. No coaching from the sidelines – We know you might want to help your kids out, but this can get confusing. We have great instructors so please let them do the coaching. 

8. Shoes must be worn to the bathroom – We can not risk tracking bacteria onto the mat. Once you leave the mat shoes should be put on immediately. Feel free to leave flip flops or sandals here. 

9. Tap early and tap often – At Riverfront Jiu Jitsu, we do not train with an ego. There is no reason to get hurt, or injure a training partner. 

10. Lower belts give way to higher belts – When sparring, if your training interferes with another group, the lower belts will relocate their training. 

11. Have Fun! – Jiu jitsu should be a stress reliever. Enjoy your time on the mat!

These rules are for your safety. We all follow and respect them. If you have any questions please email us or ask Billy Shaw at the studio.